Maruti To Launch Celerio With Automatic Gear Shift


Maruti is assumed to be taking on Hyundai’s Grand i10 and Honda’s Brio with its new compact model Celerio, which is slated to be launched on February 6. It is aggressively priced to lure more potential customers in the price-sensitive market.

The car maker said its new upcoming Celerio offers fuel efficiency of 23.1 km per litre and it will come in six petrol variants. Two of the variants will feature automatic gear shift where as the other four will come with manual transmission.

Celerio will be equipped with several features including Bluetooth connectivity and alloy wheels. It will also be made available in seven colors.

Maruti To Launch Celerio With Automatic Gear Shift

The two automatic gear shift version will have manual mode too. This facility until now comes in the premium sedan models and not in compact cars.

Mayank Pareek, CEO of Maruti Suzuki India, said they have worked on key issues with the automatic transmission cars and those are the maintenance hassles, the low-fuel economy factor and also the high cost of acquisition.

He added further that Maruti has invested Rs 570 crore to develop the Celerio. They have their own EZDrive technology which are capable of addressing the key issues of the car.

Pareek didn’t mentioned anything about the extra cost incurred in the automatic gear shift of Celerio, but currently such version cars cost Rs 1 lakh more than the usual price of the models.

The Brio comes for a price tag of Rs 6.19 lakh and Grand i10 comes at Rs 6.04 lakh, both the price is for ex-showroom in Delhi.

Earlier Maruti launched AT version of its A-Star and Zen, but the high prices didn’t favor much in attracting customers in good volume.

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